The ZBD app gets massive revamp – Avatars, earning, shopping and more!

The ZBD app gets a massive revamp with Avatars, Top Ups, Cash Outs and much more.

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We’re super excited to announce the big next step in rewarded gaming with a revamp of the ZBD app, bringing you a number of eagerly-expected new features and possibilities, all wrapped in a fresh new look!

Create your own custom 3D Avatars to represent you anywhere on the Internet, Top Up your balance with a credit or debit card, shop for anything your heart desires using gift cards or simply enjoy the sleek revamped look of your favorite gaming companion app.

Discover the changes first-hand by updating to the latest version of ZBD, or read on to find out what we have in store for you.

ZBD revamp in a nutshell

  • New update to the ZBD app to amplify rewarded gaming
  • Create your own fully-customizable 3D Avatar, usable across the Internet
  • Boost your Bitcoin balance with a simple credit or debit card Top Up
  • Use your earnings to shop gift cards from 5000+ vendors inside ZBD

Play, earn, shop and build your virtual identity

The ZBD app has always been the go-to app for Bitcoin gaming, but now it’s transforming into much more than that. The latest update to the app is a culmination of features that we’ve been steadily adding and testing over recent weeks, as well as an overall revamp of the looks and feel of our app.

To start with, we’ve made the app a fully self-sustained environment with its own circular economy, where you can play games and spend what you earn in the same place, without having to navigate through multiple apps or services or convert your Bitcoin in any way. This is key for rewarded gaming, since it makes it much easier to actually use your winnings (and your own money, if your winnings run out) to buy exactly what you want. We’ll go into more detail about this below.

Overlaid on this technological backbone is a sleek new update that improves the navigation through existing and newly-added features, so you don’t have to look for popular options like Top Up or Cash Out in some deeply embedded menu – in fact, these now greet you as soon as you open the app. But perhaps the best way to show how the app has evolved is through its new virtual identity feature: Avatars.

Create an Avatar and take it with you online

When we say Avatars, we’re talking actual 3D characters that are fully customizable with awesome looks and gear, so you can craft the perfect virtual version of yourself to represent you. This feature comes courtesy of our integration with Ready Player Me, a company focused on creating virtual avatars that can be used in any game, app, profile, platform, you name it.

Now you can start making your Avatar right within the ZBD app and have that as your virtual 3D self in any of the integrations of Ready Player Me, the number of which is growing by the minute. You can even base your Avatar on a photo of yourself and then give yourself some virtual flare, or go all in with your creativity and make something epic and radical.

To create your Avatar in ZBD, do this:

  1. Open ZBD and tap the Profile icon on the bottom of the main menu
  2. Tap Create Your Avatar to start designing
  3. Use your imagination and creativity to make yourself epic

Create your own fully-customizable 3D Avatar, usable in different apps and games.

Top Up your Bitcoin balance with a credit or debit card

There have always been plenty of options to earn Bitcoin by playing games in ZBD. But, until recently, if you wanted to use your earnings, but were running a little bit short of the total you needed, there really was no easy way to top up your balance. This all changed when we launched a global integration with MoonPay.

MoonPay allows ZBD users all over the world to Top Up their Bitcoin balance with a credit or debit card quickly and easily. You simply take a card with your regular fiat money (like USD or EUR) and use it to buy some Bitcoin right inside the ZBD app – you don’t have to go to MoonPay, MoonPay comes to you.

To read more about the integration with MoonPay and how Top Ups work, read this article, or simply open ZBD and tap Top Up in the main menu to get money flowing.

Boost your Bitcoin balance with a simple credit or debit card Top Up.

Shop with 5000+ vendors in ZBD

To make a full circle, the revamped app also gives you plenty of options to spend the Bitcoin you earn – that’s what circular economy is all about. We’re making that possible through an integration with Bitrefill, which gives ZBD users an easy way to shop using gift cards.

Gift cards are the ideal way to spend your Bitcoin, since not all vendors accept Bitcoin (yet!), but they’ll gladly take a gift card. With Bitrefill, the world’s largest crypto-based vendor for gift cards, you can now choose from over 5000 different vendors right within the ZBD app. Whether it’s a new CS:GO skin on Steam, your holiday wish list on Amazon or even a subscription to your favorite streaming service, you can get it all with gift cards.

💡 Satoshi's Top Tip
If your winnings don’t quite add up to what you want to buy, you don’t have to grind – you can simply Top Up with MoonPay and cover the difference.

Find out everything you need to know about Bitrefill in ZBD here, or spin up your ZBD app, tap Cash Out and choose from thousands of gift card choices.

Use your earnings to shop from among 5000+ vendors inside ZBD.

Your home for rewarded gaming

The Play-and-Earn concept at the heart of ZBD is the foundation for building a new future for gaming. But it has never been just about playing games and earning money. This new update to the ZBD app fills in the gaps to give players a fully-fledged and well-rounded experience of rewarded gaming. From the first sats you earn in-game to the liberty of spending your money just the way you want, and everywhere in between, ZBD is with you on every step of the way and will continue to be the go-to place for playing, earning, shopping and creating your virtual identity.

This post was updated in July 2023.

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