ZBD Partners with AdInMo: Elevating In-Game Monetization through Strategic Collaboration

Partnership with AdInMo enhances in-game monetization with player-friendly ads and instant bitcoin rewards for gamers. Learn more!

By ZBD   •   8 months ago

A Partnership Forging Enhanced Monetization Pathways

We're delighted to share that ZBD has forged a strategic partnership with AdInMo, spotlighting a confluence of innovative fintech and in-game advertising. This alliance is crafted to bolster in-game monetization, furnishing a streamlined and rewarding experience for both players and developers by leveraging subtle, player-friendly ad integrations with instantaneous bitcoin rewards.

Partnership Dynamics: Mechanics and Impact

Facilitating a Cohesive Advertising Experience

  • AdInMo's Role: Embeds seamless and non-interruptive ads into the gaming experience.
  • ZBD's Role: Empowers this alliance by providing instantaneous bitcoin rewards to players and developers alike through the Lightning Network.

Benefits for All Stakeholders

  • For Gamers: Gain additional value with bitcoin rewards, enhancing your gaming experience without unnecessary disruptions.
  • For Developers: Improving player retention is pivotal to this innovative partnership. While it introduces an additional revenue stream, it significantly boosts player retention by turning advertising into a retention driver. Historically, the equation was more ads equaled more revenue, but less retention. Now, by enhancing retention via the AdInMo/ZBD integration, all other revenue streams are also uplifted.

The Depth of Opportunities

  • Data-Driven Approach: By employing AdInMo’s insightful analytics, we’re refining and optimizing the user experience.
  • Developer Revenue and Reward Mechanism: ZBD’s bitcoin rewards not only incentivize player interaction but also promise developers a piece of the revenue pie, ensuring a mutually beneficial financial model.

A Testament to Successful Integration

The following examples illustrate the substantial performance boosts games have seen from integrating the ZBD API directly, independent of the AdInMo partnership. Now, with AdInMo, developers can reap the same benefits with a simpler integration and no need to manage their own wallets:

  • Ludo Zenith: Realized an 82% uplift in Average Revenue Per Daily Active User (ARPDAU) directly attributed to the integration of the ZBD API, showcasing the potential of innovative ad and reward synergy.
  • Bitcoin Miner: Experienced a staggering increase, exceeding 10x in 30-day user retention, demonstrating the powerful appeal of bitcoin rewards achieved through the ZBD API integration.

Looking Forward: Harnessing Opportunities and Navigating Challenges

AdInMo and ZBD aren’t here to overhaul your gaming or developing experience. We’re just adding a neat little layer to it where every party gets something worth smiling about.

Our goal, as it has always been, is to enrich gaming experience for players but also deliver tangible KPI benefits to devs. That’s our guiding light and it will continue to be.

Engage with Us: Taking the Next Step Together

We’re excited about this partnership and look forward to exploring the future together with you.

Want to dive a bit deeper into how all this magic works?

Gamers, Jump In Here | Developers, Your Adventure Awaits Here

Until next level,

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