ZBD Friends with Benefits

Our new referral program rewards you for bringing your friends to ZBD. Just share your personal code, and earn a 20% match of their earnings for a full year! That's right, keep your squad close and your earnings closer!

By ZBD   •   a month ago

ZBD Friends with Benefits is our referral program. Simply invite your friends using your personal referral code, and you’ll earn a 20% match of their earnings for a full year.

You’ll be paid the sum of day 1 to day 7 earnings in USD divided by 20%. We’ll then convert the total sum from USD to sats, based on the price of BTC at the time, and deposit those sats in your ZBD wallet.

Who is eligible:

  • Everyone on ZBD can share their personal referral codes.
  • Only new users can sign up using your referral code.
  • You will only earn from users YOU invite with your referral link. You will not earn anything from users that your invitees may invite.
  • You will only earn commission from earnings on ZBD Arcade (AdGate) & ZBD Playtime (Adjoe)
  • New users are required to use new devices. For instance, you can’t invite yourself by creating a new ZBD account on your current device. Your friends also can’t create a new account on their current devices for you to invite.

How to invite your friends:

  • Your custom code is on our Friends With Benefits page in the app.
  • Copy your code and send it to your friend. They will then use your custom code when they create a ZBD account.

If your friends forget to enter your code:

  • They will have 48 hours after signup to retroactively add your referral code. The input field can be found in the side nav under “Enter Referral Code”.

How you’ll get paid:

  • You’ll be paid automatically from ZBD each Monday for a full year.
  • Your earnings will be based on the market Bitcoin price at time of payment.

Full terms and conditions:

Please see our full terms and conditions here. Please note: ZBD is allowed to change the terms at any time.

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