Product spotlight: ZBD Streamer – Powerful tipping tool for your streams with versatile overlays

ZBD Streamer gives you real-time tipping options in Bitcoin and a number of overlays to spice up the experience.

By ZBD   •   a year ago

If you’re looking for a streaming overlay tool that allows you to receive tips in real money, in real time and without huge platform cuts, look no further. ZBD Streamer is a product that does all that and more, giving you the ability to collect Bitcoin tips from your audience. And with the newest updates, it now also comes with highly-requested interactive GIFs, soundbites and text-to-speech options. Oh, and did we mention it’s completely free?

You can get it now and start reaping the benefits straight away, or read on to find out why you should definitely give ZBD Streamer a go to take your streams to the next level.

🎧 All you need to know about ZBD Streamer

  • A stream-overlay tool that enables interactive tipping for live content creators
  • Get tipped in Bitcoin in real time and with no platform cuts
  • Get your own static QR code and take advantage of all sorts of settings for tips
  • HOT 🔥 Display custom messages, GIFs, soundbites and use text-to-speech for donations
  • Use your donation money immediately with no conversions or exchanging – it’s real money!

Powerful overlay tool for streamers

In essence, ZBD Streamer is not much different from other popular tools that live content creators use to spice up their streams. It gives you a way to collect instant tips (and we’ll go into the what and how of that below) and also provides you with a number of overlays that get triggered anytime someone sends you a tip, to make the stream more fun and engaging. Here’s what you can show on screen:

  • Custom messages
    Users can add their own messages to their tips to be written out on screen for all to see.
  • HOT 🔥 GIFs
    Choose a gif from the library or upload your own and whenever a donation comes in, the animation will show up on the screen. You can select 3 gifs.
  • HOT 🔥 Soundbites
    Get some audio in your stream with a custom soundbite (or choose among preselected ones) to give incoming tips more impact. Choose up to 3.
  • HOT 🔥 Text-to-speech
    For tips over 2,100 sats, you can have the Streamer read them out using text-to-speech.
  • Display latest tippers
    Add an interface to your stream so everyone can see the information on the latest tips and who’s behind them.

🎨 A touch of color

  • You can choose your own color theme to personalize your stream even further.
ZBD Streamer features an interactive overlay with triggerable GIFs, soundbites and more.
ZBD Streamer features an interactive overlay with triggerable GIFs, soundbites and more.

Tipping and donations taken to the next level

The essence of ZBD Streamer is in equipping you with the ability to to collect interactive tips in real money, of any size, live on stream and without huge platform cuts. Let’s break down what we mean by all that.

With ZBD Streamer, the audience can donate Bitcoin directly to you while watching your stream simply by scanning your Streamer QR code. The transaction is done instantly and can trigger a fully customizable response to be seen by everyone on stream. Any kind of donations are viable: big, small, even split to multiple recipients (for streams with multiple hosts), and all of that money will go directly to you. This is thanks to ZBD's innovative tech that gives you powerful options for moving Bitcoin quickly and easily.

Setting up ZBD Streamer

To start using ZBD Streamer, simply open up this webpage and scan the QR code with your ZBD app. Once in, you’ll be able to adjust several different settings related to both the tips and the overlay features of the Streamer. First, let’s take a look at what you can set up when it comes to the tips.

  • Create your static QR code: Fully customizable, but always the same
    Your wallet address in a friendly, scannable form. It always leads to your wallet, but can be customized with various donation settings, as well as color themes and embedded images.
  • Adjust tip settings: Set minimum and maximum tip amount
    Whether it’s a hefty sum or a fraction of a cent, every size of donation is possible with ZBD Streamer. Control it with this simple setting.
  • HOT 🔥 Splits: Divide incoming tips between multiple people
    Split incoming payments between more than one recipient. Share 50% of tips with a co-host, if you’ve got one, divide your profits between multiple wallets or donate a part of your income to a good cause… The possibilities are endless.

🎨 Did you know?
Your QR code is static, meaning it will always connect to your wallet, but you can still pimp it out with custom color schemes!

Adjust the tipping and donation settings with a number of versatile options.
Adjust the tipping and donation settings with a number of versatile options.

No platform cuts – You keep the whole tip

With ZBD Streamer, you can make sure that when your fans want to show some appreciation for your work, all of their tips land directly in your wallet. ZBD takes no cut or charges you fees. If someone donates from a Lightning wallet outside ZBD, they’ll only have to pay the Lightning Network fee, which is usually less than a tenth of a USD cent.

Platforms are also getting increasingly ridiculous when it gets to demonetizing content, so much so that if you just happen to mention a word that the advertisers don’t want to be associated with, you risk losing your income. With ZBD Streamer, you don’t need to resort to relying on Twitch or YouTube payouts or using a third-party service like Patreon to fund your streams – you can start gathering donations from your followers without a middleman!

Tips in Bitcoin: An advantage or a drawback?

In the world of Internet money, Bitcoin is king. Using Bitcoin for live tips is a major advantage, since the tech we’ve developed allows anyone to move it anywhere around the world way faster and more cheaply than regular money. It’s super easy for anyone to get their hands on it by playing rewarded games that pay out Bitcoin for free, or, if you’re looking for more, simply make a ZBD Top Up and you’re good to go.

If you’re familiar with our company and products, you probably already know we’ve built our payments tech on the Lightning Network – and there’s tons we could say about it, and we have – but the great thing is you really don’t have to worry about anything that’s going on under the hood. We’ve made it so that you need no knowledge of Bitcoin or the Lightning Network. Simply sit back, relax and let the money flow.

And you don’t have to exchange Bitcoin for another currency to be able to spend it – that’s as much a myth as it is a thing of the past. You can use it directly in ZBD to shop among thousands of gift card options for popular services like Amazon, Netflix and much more. Check it out for yourself.

Supercharge your streams for free

All this comes for free. No purchasing, and we charge no subscriptions or fees. Why? Because we can, and because using a currency that is native to the Internet and gaming in streaming too is just super awesome. Try it out for yourself and launch your streams into the stratosphere with ZBD.

This post was updated in July 2023.

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