Understanding The Power Of Gen Z

Looking to learn more about Gen Z gamers? Check out our Gen Z Gamer research to see what insights we learned, and how we can use them to help us understand this digital-native generation.

By ZBD   •   7 days ago

As Gen Z ages into adulthood, it’s important for us to understand them and their impact on gaming and rewarded play. This research can both help us shape our engagement strategies and show Gen Z that we get them, at least a little bit. Read on for the highlights of the study, and download the full case study here.

From our research, we distilled down into a variety of key insights about Gen Z and their attitudes towards gaming and rewarded play. Here’s a taste of just a few of them: 

It’s estimated that in the US alone, Gen Z’s spending power is upwards of $360 bn. Understanding them and their motivation is crucial to unlocking this emotional potential. So that’s why, to start, we asked one of the most basic questions: Why do Gen Z play games?

Throughout the research, we learned about their gaming habits, the barriers they face, and their attitudes towards money in games, emerging tech, rewarded play, and ads in game. We get a glimpse into their opinions towards brands and influencers. And importantly, we learned that they believe that Bitcoin is real money. 

Ultimately, this research comes together to help us shape a vision of our future. We’re shifting into a fully digital-native era so we need to be forward thinking in how we approach identity, social interaction, entertainment, and the economy. 

Download the full case study to get a full look at these fascinating insights and how we can use them to start building the future now. 

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