ZBD Bots for Discord and Telegram with new features for Bitcoin gaming

Find out how to add ZBD Bots to Discord and use two new commands to send Bitcoin to a lot of people at once with no fees and with a single click.

By ZBD   •   2 years ago
ZBD Bots have been updated with new commands. Take a look here.

Bitcoin gaming isn’t just about earning free Bitcoin in games, it’s about the whole gaming experience. When you’re looking for a game or just chilling between intense matches, Discord and Telegram bots from ZBD (“ZBD Bots”) make sure you’ve got Bitcoin ready at hand if you want to tip someone or request payment. Now we’ve updated the ZBD Bots with two exciting new features that make your time on Discord and Telegram even more fun.

New commands:

  • z rain – Send some Bitcoin to a lot of people in your community at once
  • z addtoserver – Add a ZBD Bot to another server with one simple command

More updates:

What are ZBD Bots?

If you’re new to ZBD or if the Discord bots have flown over your head, here’s a short intro to what ZBD Bots are and what they do.

ZBD Bots are a simple way to bring Bitcoin transactions straight into your Discord or Telegram community. Once added, you can easily send Bitcoin around with a few one-liner commands. No need to get out your phone and open the ZBD app, you can just let the chat flow and make the Bitcoin magic happen.

With the ZBD Bots, you can:

  • Send Bitcoin to another person in the chat by typing z send <amount> @username
  • Tip someone’s cool message or funny meme with z tip <amount>
  • Request payment from someone by creating a Lightning invoice with z invoice <amount>
  • And much more...

Remember, if you’re not sure what the commands do, or if a command has slipped your mind, simply type z help in the chat and the whole list of commands will pop up to refresh your memory.

Make it rain Bitcoin in the Discord chat

The ZBD Bots have already proven to be a really simple way for any Discord or Telegram community members to exchange Sats and make Bitcoin more accessible to everyone. But now we’re focusing this update more towards content creators, streamers and other online personalities.

The new z rain command makes it possible to send some Bitcoin to a lot of people at once, and it’s perfect if you want to reward your audience, fire up activity in your channels or you’re simply feeling generous after winning a lot of free Bitcoin in CS:GO with ZBD Infuse.

Pro gamer hint:
Sending Bitcoin to other ZBD users is completely free of fees!

How to use z rain

Type in the following command and specify the criteria like this:

z rain <amount> <n> [<comment>]

  • <amount> is the number of Sats you want to send to each individual
  • <n> is the number of individuals who last wrote in the channel that you want to send your Sats to
  • <comment> is the optional message you can attach to your transaction

Send Bitcoin to a lot of people at once with the z rain command.

Add a ZBD Bot to your server and get Bitcoin flowing

The updates don’t stop here. Another cool thing we’ve done is made it easier to copy around ZBD Bots from one server to another. Now you can type in a short command and you’ll be able to add a ZBD Bot to another Discord or Telegram server in no time without even having to leave the chat room.

It’s all about making the Bitcoin gamer’s life as easy as it gets. If you’ve got your own community and would like to make it as awesome as the one on ZBD Discord, adding a ZBD Bot to your server is surely a step in the right direction.

How to use z addtoserver

To add a ZBD Bot to your own server, type this command in a server where there’s already a ZBD Bot:

z addtoserver

A button will appear that makes it easy to copy over a ZBD Bot to another community. Keep in mind that you need to have mod permissions on the server you’re adding a ZBD Bot to.

Use a simple command to add ZBD Bots to your Discord and Telegram
Add a ZBD Bot to your server and enrich your community with Bitcoin

How to add ZBD Bots to Discord

ZBD Bots are a small, but really neat part of the ZBD Bitcoin gaming ecosystem. Click here to learn more about the Bots and how to add them to your own server, or join our Discord community to give them a go. When you’re there, you can simply add a ZBD Bot to your own community, but if you can’t wait, click the button below to get your own ZBD Bot now!

This post was updated in July 2023.

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