Bitcoin for communities – ZBD Bots now on Product Hunt!

ZBD Bots bring superpowers to any Discord or Telegram community! Use them to massively level up engagement with instant and free Bitcoin tips right in the chat. Now on Product Hunt!

By ZBD   •   2 years ago
ZBD Bots live on Product Hunt

We’re excited to announce our first launch on Product Hunt! Why are we so excited about this? Because we simply love bringing the power of Bitcoin to more people and watching them get blown away by what it can do! With that in mind, we couldn’t think of a better product for our first Hunt than ZBD Bots.

ZBD Bots – Bitcoin magic for communities - Send Bitcoin as easily as texting in Discord and Telegram! | Product Hunt

Product Hunt is one of the biggest platforms on the Internet when it comes to discovering new software tools. Unlike other ZBD products, Bots have an extensive appeal outside our core gaming focus any online community on Discord or Telegram can benefit massively from the power of ZBD Bots. So while we are primarily a gaming industry company, this is a bit different. This is us, following our passion for bringing Bitcoin to the masses, gamer or not.

As our Co-Founder and CTO, André Neves, puts it:

“We decided to list ZBD Bots on Product Hunt as our first product because it’s really such a smart tool for managing communities and possibly the best way for people to have their first interaction with Bitcoin. It all just feels so natural. Keeping a community engaged and positive really can be overwhelming, with lots of dead servers and even more toxic ones. But Bitcoin is all about incentives, and we were able to translate that to Discord and Telegram with ZBD Bots in a way that works great for admins as well as the communities they’re managing.”

We are bringing the power of Bitcoin to communities.

Don’t know ZBD Bots yet?

Well, it’s never too late to add Bitcoin superpowers to your community! Adding ZBD Bots to your server is super easy. With just a few clicks, anyone in your Discord or Telegram can send and receive Bitcoin without looking away from the chat! You can massively level up engagement in a natural and positive way by sending members micro rewards for their activity. ZBD Bots work instantly for everyone in the server, even if they don’t have ZBD yet.

Imagine this: activity dies down and you want to start it up. How about a meme contest? With ZBD Bots, it’s so easy to reward people for activity, you can send a few sats to every person that submits a meme. Or go premium and send one large reward to the person with the best post!

That’s just one example of how mods use ZBD Bots to drive engagement. What’s really cool about this is that once the community gets enough sats flowing around, people start randomly tipping each other. We see that every day in the ZBD Discord and it’s a very powerful sight. Our community wasn’t always as positive as it is now - it used to be angry CS:GO players arguing about cheating half the time. Now, that’s very different. And Bots played a massive part, because there’s something about receiving rewards, even if they’re tiny, that just makes people more positive!

If you’re interested in learning more about what ZBD Bots can do, read more here, then head over to Product Hunt and let us know what you think in the comments!

This post was updated in July 2023.

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