Learn how to collect bitcoin on your journey through the magical internet

By ZBD   •   10 months ago

Alright, pull up a chair and lend us your eyes, because we're diving back into ZBD's Internet Magic Series. We’re just going to assume you loved the first two weeks because how could you not? It's time to double down and break out your phones because this month is all about gamification, baby!

Bitcoin Cards

What's this game anyway? Alright, imagine those trading cards you obsessed over as a kid, but with a modern twist: they're all about bitcoin, and they're all digital. No more paper cuts.

Why's it a good time? The game taps into that deep-rooted nostalgia for trading cards, the kind of feeling you got when you opened a fresh pack and found a rare gem inside. But here's the kicker: it's been supercharged with bitcoin.

Alright, so how do I earn? You'll be collecting cards like it's your job. The more unique, rare cards you have, the more sats you earn. Simple as that.

How Much Can I Really Earn? Let's say it's enough to make your inner child do a happy dance.

How to Cash Out to ZBD? Go to Cash out> Enter your ZBD gamertag and receive your sats!

Dubbz Arcade

What's this game anyway? Think Vegas with the flashing lights and the joy of winning, minus the awkward morning-after regret.

Why's it a good time? Think of it as Disneyland, but for the financially savvy adult in you. You get to roam around a virtual landscape packed with quests and mini-games, each offering its own unique thrills. But here's the cherry on top: instead of walking away with just memories and maybe a plush toy, you're accumulating sats.

How do I earn? Each victory is a direct deposit into your wallet, and your earning potential is as limitless as your skills and enthusiasm. So you're not just playing; you're profiting, one quest and game win at a time.

How Much Can I Really Earn? Enough to keep you coming back for more rounds, trust us.

How to Cash Out to ZBD? You have to connect your ZBD wallet and > Rewards Balance > Claim. The sats will instantly be in your account!


What's the Game? Hold on, let's get something straight—Stemstr isn't a game in the way you'd usually think. It's more like a bustling digital hub powered by Nostr, tailor-made for music artists and producers to connect, vibe out, and share their latest masterpieces.

Why's it a good time? Imagine a backstage pass to a festival where every artist is open to collaboration. That's Stemstr for you. You're not just networking; you're in a place where the exchange of ideas is as electric as the music itself. It's the Coachella of digital music networking, minus the desert and overpriced water bottles… plus the sats.

How do I earn? Make music mixes.

How Much Can I Really Earn? Enough to take your side-hustle seriously.

How to Cash Out to ZBD? Post your songs or music mixes and receive sats for it. The sats go directly to your wallet!

Finke Desert Race Game

What's this game anyway? Let's pump the brakes for a second—The Finke Desert Race Game isn't just another mobile racing game. Developed by Architec, this high-octane adventure whisks you straight to Australia's famed Finke Desert Race, giving you an authentic experience of off-road racing down under.

Why's it a good time? Think of it like a Mad Max scenario, but you don't have to fight anyone—unless it's for leaderboard glory, of course. You've got bikes, cars, buggies, and more. The terrain? It switches up on you, from rocks and mud to dunes that make you feel like you're on a rollercoaster designed by Mother Nature herself.

How do I earn? Win races, stack sats.

How Much Can I Really Earn? You'll be bathing in enough sats to fill a bathtub.

How to Cash Out to ZBD? Login with your account, win races, cashout your sats after the game.

Satoshi's Goal

What's this game anyway? Step aside, FIFA, and make way for Satoshi's Goal. It's not just a soccer management simulation; it's a full-on, blockchain-enabled, own-your-own-freakin'-team extravaganza. Picture a world where not only can you draft and manage players, but you actually own them. We're talkin' ownership with capital "O.”

Why's it a good time? Your in-game decisions don't just earn you points; they could literally increase the value of your assets. It's the soccer management game you've always wanted, but couldn't have until now.

How do I earn? Score goals, get cards, and earn sats.

How Much Can I Really Earn? Enough to make you a pro in your own right.

How to Cash Out to ZBD? Log in with your ZBD wallet, click in the Bitcoin emoji in the right side of the screen and cashout easily!


What's this game anyway? It's 2048, but every merged tile brings you glorious sats.

Why's it a good time? It's like that classic game you loved got a job, put on a suit, and started talking about sats at dinner parties. It's the same addictive gameplay you know and love, but with a juicy carrot dangling in front of you—Bitcoin rewards. Swipe left, swipe right, and swipe your way into some digital treasure.

How do I earn? Merge those tiles. Reach the lofty numbers and you're rewarded in sats.

How Much Can I Really Earn? Let's just say, if you're good, you're in for a sizable stack of sats.

How to Cash Out to ZBD? Click on the Bitcoin emoji on the top of the screen, put your gamertag and boom! sats directly into your wallet.

Alright, Week 2? Conquered. These games aren't just thumb-twiddlers, folks. They're your gateway to stacking up that magic internet money. Can't wait to see what you all achieve this week. Keep your eyes peeled for what's coming next because if you thought this was hot, just you wait.

Stay magical,

Your ZBD Crew 🪄

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