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Dive into Play Ember's Bitcoin Castaway – city life to ocean adventure with Bitcoin rewards. Join the Treasure Hunt on November 04-05 for a chance to win big!

By ZBD   •   6 months ago

Ever think city life’s too loud? Enter the ocean, a raft, and Bitcoin Castaway. We’ll give you a quick lowdown and then fill you in on their upcoming event from November 04-05th — it’s got rewards that’ll make your mouth water.

The Real Quick Lowdown:

  1. City Life to Ocean Tides: One day you’re in your apartment or home, next thing you know, it's just you, a raft, and the big blue. Chop trees, build, fish, and grow stuff. Also, try not to become shark food.
  2. More Than Floating: Listen, it's not just about surviving. It’s about thinking things through, strategizing (like figuring out mazes), and occasionally throwing an axe. Not at the sharks, though. Maybe. Unless you have to.
  3. Did Someone Say Bitcoin?: Developed by PlayEmber — so you know bitcon’s on the menu. You thought right — you play, the game pays.

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Few Things to Keep an Eye On:

  • Ocean's Full of Surprises: Sharks? Yep, they're around. But on the bright side, seagulls might drop by with some goodies.
  • Try to Survive: Maintain your camp, ensure there's food, firewood, and fresh water — and always be on the lookout for an alliance or two.
  • Bitcoin Rewards?: Yeah, we’ll say it again. Play, strategize, earn Bitcoin.

Playember Treasure Hunt Event

You get how to play? Good. Now that you do, mark your calendars for November 04-05th. On those two days, it’s treasure season. Hidden in the game are 5 treasure chests filled with 10,000 sats each. And they’re playing hard to get.

For the grinders, the all-nighters, and the ‘just one more game’ folks — your hustle’s about to pay off. The more you’re in, the better your shot at hitting the sats jackpot.

Ready to Trade? It's a Breeze:

  1. Dive into the trading realm of the game.
  2. Link up with your ZBD wallet.
  3. Watch your earnings set sail.

Alright, That’s the Deal:

It's survival, it’s strategy, and it’s bitcoin, all wrapped into one. Ready to jump in? Waves are coming. Try to stay dry.

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