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Dive into Fumb Game's new game, SpaceY, and rule your own universe. Real rewards, strategic gameplay, and endless space adventures await!

By ZBD   •   6 months ago

Space Too Quiet? Get Loud with SpaceY, a ZBD Powered Game.

Ever dream of hitting pause on the day-to-day, head absolutely in the clouds? Well, you can go there, literally. Past the clouds, actually. Say hello to SpaceY—the universe that's all yours to run. Forget the to-do list; it's time to craft galaxies. Let’s hit it.

SpaceY: Your Universe Awaits

Welcome to SpaceY, where you transcend your earthly confines and assume control of a sprawling cosmos. It's not just a game—it's command central for your interstellar empire, brought vividly to life in this idle tycoon RPG.

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Core Gameplay:

  • Command Like a Couch Potato: We said strategic. We meant it. You’re the space captain now, but with all the chill of a Sunday afternoon.
  • Mine, Enhance, Repeat: Collect space rocks, deck out your ships, and flex those space research muscles – all at a pace that won’t interrupt your coffee break.
  • Mysteries of the Universe: Black holes? Weird signals? Shaven hamsters in space? Sounds like a job for Captain You.

Yeah, But What’s In It For You?

  • Your Space Empire on Autopilot: Your starfleet doesn't need babysitting. It grows, battles, and makes you fake-space-rich – even when you're out living your real life.
  • Real Rewards: Because it’s a pretty freakin’ great ZBD Powered Game, SpaceY links in-game achievements to actual cash-ola. We’re talking actual value for your virtual victories. It’s like we said, "Let's make those space credits count for something on Earth." And guess what? We did just that. Real gains, real gameplay – it’s almost too real to be a game. But it is. Really.

Things to Watch Out For:

  • Galactic Surprises: Expect the unexpected. From odd cosmic events to bizarre interstellar messages, space packs more surprises than you bargained for—each with its own strange charm.
  • Asteroids Don't Take Sick Days: Space doesn’t care about your weekend plans. Resource management is key unless you fancy your empire going the way of the dinosaurs. Asteroids are not friends (see: dinosaurs), but they do have the resources you need. Just… watch out.

Ready to Jump In?

Link up your ZBD wallet and get ready to play the long game—literally. Your empire’s gonna grow, and your stash of in-game currency will, too, all at your own pace.

So, What’s the Game Plan?

Think you're in control? You do? Well, prove it, then. SpaceY's your chance to play it big, play it small, or just play it oddly. We call it strategy; you’ll call it tapping your phone while pretending to work.

But we think multitasking is real. We say that. We really do (see: rewards when you’re not even playing).

Welcome to Spacey – it's as real as your 9 to 5, and infinitely more fun.

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