eRepublik: Take part on the weekly challenge & earn bitcoin

Complete in-game tasks, find boxes full of sats, and transfer your rewards to ZBD Wallet. It's time to play and earn!

By ZBD   •   8 months ago

Cue: Big Bitcoin Energy

Here's the deal. From October 10th to 16th, eRepublik's giving you a chance to earn. And not just pennies - we're talking about $2,000 worth of bitcoin.

How to Jump In:

  1. Pop Over: Between October 10th and 16th, eRepublik’s more than just politics and battles - it's where you can earn bitcoin.
  2. Get Involved: There are weekly events. Join in, be active, have fun. Do your thing.
  3. Do the Stuff: There are in-game tasks for each event. They’re not tricky; promise.
  4. Finders Keepers: Do the tasks, grab some keys, and discover Satoshi Boxes loaded with bitcoin.

New Here? A Quick eRepublik Run-Down:

eRepublik is this cool virtual world where you can engage in politics (the fun kind), battle, and strategize. And guess what? Now there's bitcoin in the mix. You don’t need fancy tech - just play and earn. It’s that simple.

Download it on Android ❇️ Download it on Desktop

What You Should Know:

We cannot stress this enough — there's $2,000 worth of bitcoin sitting there. Just… sitting. Ready for you to play, earn, and unlock. Real money for virtual play. Can you believe?

From October 10th to 16th, the bitcoin’s up for grabs. Once you've got it, you can shift it to your ZBD Wallet anytime between October 10th and 30th.

Spread the word however you like - maybe even tell your favorite coffee guy. eRepublik didn’t come to play with all the serious rewards — but you did.

Instagram it, Tweet it, or whisper it to your favorite barista — eRepublik’s gone all 2023 on us, and honestly? We’re here for it.

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