ZBD X Wavlake: A new way to find and reward your next favorite creator

We’re excited to announce our newest partnership with Wavlake, a platform that transforms the way we listen to music and podcasts. Read on to learn more about why we teamed up with Wavlake.

By ZBD   •   22 days ago

At ZBD, we believe in an open source network: a place where ideas, innovations, art, and music can thrive. And that’s why we partnered with Wavlake, a music and podcast platform. Wavlake allows musicians and podcasters to publish and distribute their creative work on the open network, and receive Bitcoin for their work from anyone, anywhere. 

Wavlake is disrupting the music industry by shaping a fan-driven creator economy that thrives in an open ecosystem. It’s a new online world where fans can directly tip the musicians and podcasters if they enjoy the content. Usually mainstream music platforms and streaming services like Apple and Spotify pay extremely small royalties, so Wavlake is quickly becoming a very popular alternative. Using Wavlake is easy too: musicians and podcasters simply upload their music and content which is then distributed to a range of apps and websites including podcasting 2.0 platform, Fountain.fm. 

Our partnership will provide Wavlake with a global, highly scalable payment platform through the Bitcoin Lightning Network. Now fans can send microtransactions instantly to their favorite artists with no minimum payout. It’s a way to seamlessly connect creators with their audience, while also monetizing their content. 

Wavlake is already working for creators. Ainsley Constello, an upcoming independent musician from Nashville, was the first to receive 1 million sats (worth over $700) for her hit song, ‘Cherry on Top’. In order to earn a similar amount on Spotify, her song would have been streamed almost half a million times. Ainsley recently released her newest song ‘People Pleaser’ exclusively on Wavlake and Fountain. It’s already earned 300,000 sats in a short period of time.

Serious disruption in the music industry is long overdue and Wavlake has given me so much hope. Wavlake removes the financial and social barriers that have long existed between artists and fans. I’ve been blessed to find a brand new, worldwide community that values me and my music.”

-Ainsley Costello, Musician

Ainsley Costello is just a taste of what’s out there. We’re excited to see all the new talent that comes out of the ZBD X Wavlake partnership. So whether you’re a creator looking to share your content or a fan looking to discover new voices, Wavlake is the place for you. And ZBD will help you support their work.

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