ZBD Tutorials: How to sign up

Learn how to create a new ZBD account.

By ZBD   •   a year ago

Download the ZBD app and discover rewarded gaming, like-minded communities and epic events. Learn how to sign up with your email by following the instructions in this video. Scroll down and read more to find out what about other methods for signing up.

You can use your email to sign up, or choose one of your existing accounts to identify with.

To join in on the action in ZBD, you’ll need an account. Luckily, making an account is super-easy and completely free.

Make an account with your email

A basic method that works for any type of email. Check the video above to see how to create your account using your email address.

Log in with through a connected service

If you’ve already got a Google or Discord account, you can use that to log into ZBD.

Simply pick the option on the ZBD sign-in screen, use that service's credentials and you'll get a ZBD account made in no time. If you use this method for signing up, we recommend you then change your ZBD username in the Options (top left of the main menu) if you don't like what's been auto-generated for you.

Log in with Bitstamp

Bitstamp users can sign up with their Bitstamp account or create a new one through our app. Again, your username may be something random that our algorithm thinks is cool, but you may disagree – feel free to change it!

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Don’t have the ZBD app yet? Get it now and teleport yourself into the world of rewarded gaming.

This post was updated in July 2023.

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