eRepublik – MMO with a Bitcoin twist

The first-ever MMO on ZEBEDEE, where you govern a virtual world, build a career and even go to war.

By ZBD   •   2 years ago

eRepublik is a browser-based MMO where you get to dictate your own policies, have a say in the actions of the government and even lead your country to war. You can do all this (and much more), now with the added incentive of earning real Bitcoin simply by playing!

To learn more about eRepublik, read our in-depth blog post.

🏙️ Play eRepublik, govern your virtual world and earn Bitcoin

  • A desktop browser-based MMO available for most browsers
  • Enter a virtual world and form your policies, build a career and lead your country to war
  • Earn real Bitcoin and withdraw it to your ZBD app anytime

Be a benevolent statesperson or a fierce dictator

To find more info about eRepublik and other ZBD games where you can earn Bitcoin and plenty of exciting events, you need just one thing: the ZBD app. Download it now and launch yourself into the ZBD Universe.

This post was updated in July 2023.

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