How To Earn Bitcoin On The ZBD App

We have a whole bunch of fun ways to earn real Bitcoin on the ZBD App. Read on to find out how you can jump right into earning.

By ZBD   •   a month ago

You’ve got the ZBD App and now you want to start earning real Bitcoin. Here are some of the top ways to get paid in Bitcoin: 

Play games 

We’ve got tons of fun games to play. Mine for Bitcoin on Bitcoin Miner. Build your farm to earn Bitcoin on Homegrown. Either way, you’ll find a game you love.  And let’s be honest, you know you’re already gonna be playing them, so you might as well get paid for that time. 

Take surveys 

We want to know what you think! And we’ll even pay you for it. We offer up various surveys as a way to earn sats. Take a few minutes out of your day to let us know your thoughts on different topics. 

Answer the daily poll 

Everyday we ask you one question. It can range from random (what's the worst flavor of ice cream?) to educational (what are Bitcoin mining machines called?) to surprisingly “controversial” (is a hot dog a sandwich?). Answer it every day, and keep up your daily streak to earn sats. 

Download the ZBD App and start earning today.

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