Top 5 Reasons To Earn Bitcoin With Fountain

Love podcasts AND earning Bitcoin? Check out Fountain—the podcast app that pays.

By ZBD   •   22 days ago

We’ve partnered with Fountain so you can earn Bitcoin for listening to podcasts. Sounds good? Find out what makes it so easy (and fun!) to use. 

A stunning, user-friendly design

Fountain outshines other podcast apps when it comes to a seamless design and user experience. What makes it so good? You can listen live, offline, or in your car. It’s easy to customize your settings for different shows, navigate chapters, and search for accurate transcripts for every episode. 

Discover new podcasts and music 

With over four million podcasts at our fingertips, how do you find what to listen to next? On Fountain, you can explore new podcasts through clips and playlists shared by other listeners. You can also discover a growing library of music through music podcasts like Phantom Power Music Hour and Mixtape by Wavlake where DJs play full-length tracks that you can add to your library.

Support podcast creators directly

Want to support podcasts you listen to regularly? On Fountain, you can make a payment to the podcast host directly. It’s easy: top up your Fountain wallet with some sats from ZBD. Then Boost to send a payment with a comment, or send a small amount for every minute you spend listening. 

Earn rewards for listening

Every day you can earn sats (at a random assigned rate) simply for listening on Fountain. You can also get promoted episodes in your home feed that let you earn extra sats for trying out different podcasts. Plus, you can get paid by other listeners when they like your comments, clips, or playlists.

Join a community of fans

Unlike most podcast apps, you get to join in the conversation around your fav shows. Share your thoughts with the podcast host, their guests, and other fans, and dive into the comments to see what other listeners think. Simply drop your Fountain profile link in the ZBD Discord, so others can follow you and see your latest activity in their feed.

Fountain is available on iOS and Android.

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