ZEBEDEE integration with Slice, the platform for earning money by browsing the web

How to attract more users, pay out more frequently and maximize the potential of your business model with Bitcoin Lightning.

By ZBD   •   a year ago

Slice, an online platform that rewards users for encountering ads in their browser, has seen a significant increase in usage and growth-related KPIs since integrating with ZEBEDEE. With the option to withdraw earnings in Bitcoin and by tapping into ZEBEDEE’s vibrant community, Slice managed to attract more users, pay out more frequently and put its business model of sharing ad revenue with users on overdrive.

📈 Slice introduced Bitcoin payments alongside existing payments rails

  • 87% of users choose to cash out using Bitcoin
  • 4x user growth due to improved offering and tapping into an engaged crypto audience
  • Increased transaction volume by removing minimum withdrawal amounts

How Bitcoin Lightning improved business results

Before being integrated with ZEBEDEE, Slice used to reward its users solely in fiat money, but they were actively looking for a solution that was a better fit for their business and their customers. The ZEBEDEE payments rails that we’ve built on the super-fast Bitcoin Lightning Network were just what they were looking for, thanks to their ability to transfer sub-cent amounts instantly and at near-zero cost. And because of ZEBEDEE's platform and easy-to-use APIs, integration was a breeze!

Being able to easily withdraw the money earned by encountering ads online and spend it with unprecedented freedom anywhere and any time proved to be decisive in boosting Slice’s business. Opening up to the broader Bitcoin Lightning community resulted in a marked increase across almost all user-related KPIs, most notably, their user growth rate improved by 4x.

There’s also a point to be made for how Bitcoin can be split into tiny fragments called sats, which are around 50x smaller than one USD cent, and still be sent efficiently without overburdening any party with fees. This allows Slice’s users to collect their earnings more frequently and in smaller amounts. On average, Slice users withdraw 2000 sats at a time (which equals about 0.35 USD today).

In turn, introducing Bitcoin into the equation contributed to more attention being focused on Slice in the Bitcoin investor community, which realized itself in helping Slice close their seed round in late 2022.

ZEBEDEE × Slice – 4x user growth.
User acquisition improved drastically after integration with ZEBEDEE.

Bitcoin: The preferred withdrawal method

Users of Slice still get the choice to withdraw either in fiat money (through PayPal) or in Bitcoin. However, the vast majority of users opt for the latter, with 87% of users withdrawing their earnings in Bitcoin and only 13% remain on the fiat side. While this does indicate that there is something about Bitcoin that makes it inherently the better option, it is also worth pointing out that withdrawing with Bitcoin bridges users smoothly into the vast universe of ZBD games and other entertainment, where Bitcoin is what fuels the fun.

Having Bitcoin on hand isn’t at all a requirement for playing ZBD games, listening to podcasts that pay you or taking part in our community challenges – it’s the other way around. Users can play, listen and participate for free and earn even more Bitcoin. But whether it's users coming from the ZEBEDEE universe to Slice to earn some extra on the side, or if it’s Slice’s native users exploring other monetary possibilities, having the same currency everywhere drastically simplifies and streamlines the user experience.

ZEBEDEE × Slice – Slice users prefer Bitcoin.
Withdrawing in Bitcoin is easier and gives the users more meaningful spending options.

Plugging into a vibrant community

By integrating with ZEBEDEE, Slice didn’t only get access to ZEBEDEE tech, they also opened their doors to our large and enthusiastic community of gamers, Bitcoin enthusiasts and, in general, people who are exploring better financial possibilities.

They also benefited greatly by tapping into the wider universe of ZBD tools and extensions. On the Slice Discord, which has been upgraded with the ZBD Bot, a simple-to-use tool for sending tips and donations in Bitcoin, activity has been buzzing since its introduction some 5 months ago. ZBD Bot has been the most used bot in Slice’s community of 11K members, and has been widely used to spice up the fun in the chat by letting users support each other with small tips or letting staff reward activities by making it rain sats on everyone who posted in the channel (another function of ZBD Bots).

The entertainment value in Bitcoin nano-transactions can activate a stagnant community.

If you’d like to see Slice in action first-hand, you simply need their browser extension. Get it now and start earning free money just by browsing the web!

And if you think your product or service could benefit from being electrified by Bitcoin, you can get open a free ZEBEDEE developer account right now and start playing with instant global payments!

This post was updated in July 2023.

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