Where in Brazil can you pay with Bitcoin?

Our top 10 picks for spending Lightning Bitcoin in Brazil.

By ZBD   •   9 months ago

After Brazil passed the law legalizing crypto as a payment method in late 2022, many online and brick-and-mortar stores and vendors began using Bitcoin and the Lightning Network. Here are our top 10 picks that show just how versatile the crypto offer in Brazil has become over the recent years.

1. Pay for a round of drinks

On a hot day in Brazil, there’s nothing better than to cool down with a refreshing drink or two. For those who enjoy a pint, visiting the Soul Hops Cervejas Artesenais in Sao Paulo is definitely a good choice.

2. Buy dinner with Bitcoin

After a long day of grinding games in ZBD and earning loads of sats, you need to refuel. Increasingly many restaurants are beginning to accept Bitcoin Lightning payments, like here and here.

3. Catch some evening fun

Nightlife is a staple of Brazilian culture, with concerts, parties and all-round fun going on in cities across the country. Check out hundreds of events in the TerraSP concerts and events bar or, if you’re feeling like rocking it to different vibes, pay Bar Bukowski in Rio de Janeiro a visit.

4. Educate yourself about the technologies of the future

learn about cutting-edge technologies that will be the norm in a couple of years by taking a course you can pay with equally cutting-edge currency. Take for example, LGL Solar's courses about solar energy – the key to a sustainable future (next to Lightning payments methods).

5. Experience the world capital of football

When it comes to sports, there’s no question about it. Brazil is the world capital of football (or soccer). You can join many clubs, such as Santos FC, and pay for training with Bitcoin – until you get so good they have to pay you!

6. Do something good for your body and health

Play hard when it comes to games and train hard when it comes to your body. Wings Training are happy to accept Bitcoin to get you in the best shape of your life. And after a draining session at the gym, why not get a relaxing massage to help you regenerate?

7. Get a cold wallet in Portuguese

When storing large amounts of crypto on-chain, it’s crucial that you take extra security measures. Getting a cold wallet is still one of the most robust and secure methods of storing on-chain crypto. And with KriptoBR, you can get it in native Portuguese.

8. Make memories permanent with a photo

Making a really good photo is tougher than it seems, despite the amazing camera on your next-gen mobile device. Placing your trust in a professional when it comes to taking photos of the important events in life is definitely the best way to go.

9. Get your groceries the new-age way

While it may still be a step or two away, the idea of getting your fruit from a local seller for Bitcoin has been more than just tossed around. According to Forbes, it’s the future of package stores in Jericoacoara, and probably many other places too. It’s always worth checking if your local seller has gone Lightning.

10. Cash out at Bitcoin ATMs

If you’re in need of reais in cash, there’s always the option to convert your sats to physical real bills at a Bitcoin ATM. There are thousands of ATMs scattered throughout many large cities in Brazil, including Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo.

Universal option: The ZBD app

But to pay anywhere, you’ll need a Bitcoin Lightning wallet. Get one that’s fast, easy to use and has all the powerful features that will make transacting with Bitcoin a piece of cake. You need ZBD.

And best of all, ZBD comes with so many cool features beyond just being a wallet. It’s your gateway to Bitcoin gaming where you can earn thousands of sats for free, your gift card shop with 5000+ popular worldwide vendors, your portal to an amazing social network boosted by “likes” worth real Bitcoin and your exchange helping you get Bitcoin straight to Brazilian reais.

Sounds too good to be true? It gets even better. All of this is for free!

This post was updated in July 2023.

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