How to make money online

Get to know how you can instantly start earning online from home or anywhere in the world. ZBD provides you with lots of fun and, most importantly, with Bitcoin.

By ZBD   •   2 years ago

Is there anything more awesome than earning money from anywhere in the world, at any time, and having loads of fun while doing it? ZBD can help you with that! You only need an internet connection, a PC or your mobile phone. Oh, you have that already? Then put on your game face and start earning crypto now.

There are many ways to earn from home

If you are reading this, you’ve probably thought about it before. Wondering how to join the millions of people who are making money online. The most famous are: freelancers, digital nomads, influencers, dropshipping entrepreneurs, writers.

Two things they have in common are an internet connection and a PC. And some get-rich-quick money-making ideas.

This kind of work can be fun and dynamic, but it's still work. You still have to invest a lot of time, effort, and also money into it. What if we told you there is another way to earn money online, without Ponzi schemes and sketchy business investments? Just you and ZBD.

ZBD lets you earn crypto without an investment

Imagine this: you’re playing your favorite mobile game when waiting for a doctor’s appointment. You’re enjoying your free time, but it is not as productive as it could have been. ZBD products are changing that. Now you can get free Bitcoin by playing games. This is possible because some awesome companies saw the excitement stirring in Bitcoin gaming and wanted to hop on. They loaded us with Bitcoins to share them with you in our games and fire up your gaming experience.

How to start earning online

1) Download the ZBD app

Even if you’re a total noob in the crypto universe, using the ZBD app is as simple as unlocking your phone. This Bitcoin Lightning wallet is perfect for anybody who wants to send and receive Bitcoin instantly with almost no fees (none when sending to another ZEBEDEE user!). It is specifically designed for gamers, as it has a lot of cool features that gamers will find handy, like getting your own ZBD username – your nickname for Bitcoin gaming. It includes a QR code that you can simply scan when sending sats around, which makes cryptocurrency payments easy-peasy.

Gamertag on with a static QR code
A ZBD user's profile page on with a personal QR code.

2) Download the Browser Extension

Our Browser Extension is currently available for two of the most popular platforms: Firefox and Chrome. It brings the ZEBEDEE from mobile straight to your desktop. It's as powerful as the app, but even simpler to use for instant Bitcoin payments on your PC. You can earn money online simply by requesting payments from your fans or friends that owe you for the last time you covered the coffee bill. But a more attractive way to earn crypto for free is by playing Bitcoin-powered games or joining any of the regular mini challenges and events we host in our Discord community.

The Browser Extension for the ZBD Wallet
The Browser Extension for the ZEBEDEE brings Bitcoin straight to your desktop.

3) Choose a game and have fun

We have some popular games that you’ll learn to play and win in no time. You don’t have to be pwning the opponent to start stacking free satoshis. You can choose a mobile game you are already familiar with, like Lightning Crush. Try to match tiles of the same color into three or more to earn some free Bitcoin. Or you can try something funkier like SaruTobi, where you collect Bitcoin and bananas by flinging a monkey through a jungle.

Lightning Crush for your mobile
Lightning Crush – Crush your boredom away and score real Bitcoin.

If you are a true gamer (or want to become one), why don’t you test your skills in Counter Strike: Global Offensive with ZBD Infuse. Millions of people play CS:GO, but the opportunity to earn money online by playing has never been so simple. And now it’s all happening in real time! We created ZBD Infuse, a desktop app that mods CS:GO with real-time Bitcoin transactions. Simply log in with your Steam account and hop on our servers. You collect sats every time you win, shoot someone, use bonus weapons and more. If you're still new to CS:GO, we also have dedicated servers for noobs. If you're a veteran, test your skills on the high-stakes pro servers.

We've had years of fun with CS:GO, but now we've moved on to another adventures!

4) Bonus: Win over our community

Getting free Bitcoin can be as easy as sending a text. We've built Bots for Discord and Telegram that allow you to send and receive Bitcoin right there in the chat, and let people reward you for an awesome comment or a hilarious meme. Community members can send you tips just by typing in any of the one-liner commands. We also do tons of challenges where you can earn Bitcoin rewards in our Discord. There's a chance to earn sats every day and the funds transfer immediately!

Start earning money by playing games!

Download the ZBD app:

This post was updated in July 2023.

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