How to Join the ZBD x Splitgate Infuse Beta

The Winter Invitational is here! Ready your weapons and enter the portal for a chance to compete for massive prizes. Here’s your step-by-step guide to join the action!

By ZBD   •   6 months ago

Step 1: Sign Up for the Beta

Head over to the ZBD X Splitgate hub to sign up.

Once you’ve been approved, you’ll be given exclusive access to a private beta channel on the ZBD Discord.

Step 2: Create a ZBD Account

For those new to ZBD, we're your gateway to earning bitcoin online. If you don't have a ZBD account yet, now's the time to create one.

Download the app (iOS & Android) and register a new account today.

Step 3: Join Our Discord Community

Our Discord channel is where all the magic and mayhem happens. Get the latest ZBD x Splitgate Infuse news, Winter Invitational details, and meet the competitors you’ll be aiming to decimate on tournament day.

Step 4: Install Splitgate on Steam

Much playing a Splitgate match, not being prepared is a one-way ticket to defeat. So, verify you have a Steam account with Splitgate installed.

💡 Remember, you need a gaming PC running Windows or SteamOS for the best experience.

Step 5: Log In to Infuse

Once you're in the Beta and have connected all your accounts, use the ZBD Infuse portal to join a match and get ready to outwit your competition for a step towards glory (and a massive prize pot).

Step 6: Top Up Your Wallet

Last but not least, make sure you have some sats in your wallet. If you're running low, you can always visit the ZBD App to top up your wallet, or stack some sats by playing games, taking surveys, and completing offers.

We can't wait to see you absolutely dominate in the Splitgate x ZBD Winter Invitational. Good luck and happy headshots.

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