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By ZBD   •   2 years ago
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Already know about Bitcoin but want to know more? Maybe you're a passionate gamer looking for an edge? Or perhaps you'd just like to learn more about the hot topics right now? Well, no matter what, you’ve found the right place.

We created a newsletter focused on what's happening at the intersection of Bitcoin & gaming.

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Like a skilled sniper, we're always scoping the battlefield for updates and industry news and bringing it to you all in one place. Every month, we gather some of our favorite articles, podcasts, videos, and memes and deliver them straight to your inbox. Here are some snippets from a recent edition:

#1 There are days when you feel like you're playing at your best. And then there are days where you could just drop your current game and start playing something else. Well, guess what? Even professional gamers have trouble staying motivated. Click here to discover Jonas "Lekr0" Olofsson's secret to success in playing CS:GO.

#2 Did you know you can upgrade your mobile gaming skills by using mobile game controllers? You can enjoy some games much more when you have a firm grasp of the controller instead of just using your fingertips. Wired reviewed the best gamepads for Android and iOS and we’re happy to share the list with you here.

#3 Apple plans to launch a new Tap to Pay feature, which turns the iPhone into a point-of-sale device for businesses and merchants. It will extend support to Apple Pay, contactless credit and debit cards and other digital wallets. It basically means that customers would be able to use their cryptocurrency holdings to make payments. Read more here.

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This post was updated in July 2023.

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