Introducing Slice: A New Way to Earn Bitcoin While Browsing

By ZBD   •   7 months ago

Discover Slice: The Browser Extension That Rewards You with Bitcoin

Have you ever found yourself inundated with online advertisements, feeling unrewarded for your time and attention? Introducing Slice, a novel browser extension that revolutionizes this experience by rewarding you with bitcoin for simply viewing ads.

Earn Bitcoin for Viewing Ads with Slice

Imagine opening your browser and being compensated in bitcoin for encountering an advertisement. With Slice, integrated with ZBD technology, this becomes a reality. ✨

As you browse the web, Slice enables you to accumulate real value for your time, which can be withdrawn as bitcoin using the ZBD App.

In a summary:
  • Browser extension that lets you earn passive income
  • Collect Slices when seeing ads online
  • Cash out your Slices for real money – bitcoin

Why the Internet needs Slice

Advertisers want us to see their ads, not just scroll past them. But when we stand to gain nothing of actual value from seeing an ad, we usually just ignore them. Recognizing that this form of advertisement is fundamentally flawed, the team at Slice put their heads together and came up with a simple, yet groundbreaking solution: Advertisers should pay us to see their ads.

If you know you’re getting value for the time you invest into reading an ad, you’re more likely to focus your attention on it, and the advertisers actually get to show you what they’re trying to sell. It’s a win-win for both parties.

But in order to make it possible to efficiently transfer value from advertisers to potential customers, an advanced form of programmable money is required, as well as a highly-efficient payment system. This is where ZBD comes in. Our bitcoin lightning payment rails are just the tool Slice needs to effectively reward their users without being bothered by delays or drowned in fees.

Slice lets you earn bitcoin simply for browsing the web.

Getting Started with Slice

Slice is compatible with major browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Brave, and can be easily integrated with a few clicks.

How to Install Slice

  1. Visit and add Slice to your browser.
  2. Activate the extension by clicking its icon and selecting Connect the extension.
  3. Link your Slice Dashboard with the extension by copying the provided numbers.

Once activated, you can start accumulating "Slices" – the native currency of the extension earned through ad views.

Converting Slices to Bitcoin

  1. Access the Slice menu by clicking its icon.
  2. Choose Withdraw to open the Slice Dashboard.
  3. Navigate to Payout and select your preferred method (bitcoin being a top choice).
  4. Transfer your earnings to the ZBD App using your ZBD gamertag or Lightning Address.

Note: Slices can be converted to bitcoin after 30 days.

Enjoy Your Share with Slice

You're now ready to start earning passive income while browsing. Remember to install the ZBD App and ZBD Browser Extension to maximize your bitcoin earnings, even while gaming!

For more information about Slice, visit Slice’s website to learn about their latest developments.

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