Rush Hour – Pedal to the metal in ZBD Kart

Join full lobbies of racing fans every Thursday and earn real Bitcoin in ZBD Kart.

By ZBD   •   a year ago

Every Thursday at 4 PM UTC, the best racing drivers from all over the world gather in ZBD Kart to see who’s fastest, bravest and overall best Kart racer in the world. Pick the server that suits you best (BRA and EU server available) and test your racing skills against other petrolheads.

During the event, you can enter for free and still take home the grand prix worth its weight in Bitcoin you collected in the race. Everyone gets rewarded, from first to last.

🏁 Rush Hour key info:

  • Every Thursday at 4 PM UTC
  • Join the grid for free
  • Outspeed your competition to win real Bitcoin

Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines. Join our Discord and visit the #zbd-kart channel to warm up your tires and get ready for lights out!

What is ZBD Kart?

ZBD Kart is a desktop multiplayer arcade racer inspired by Mario Kart. The twist is that in ZBD Kart, you can pick up real Bitcoin on the road, use it to boost yourself, fire at opponents or just collect and withdraw at the end. Finding the right balance between keeping the Bitcoin for yourself and using it to hinder your opponents is the key to getting to the checkered flag first!

This post was updated in July 2023.

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