Is it legal to play games for Bitcoin?

Playing Bitcoin games in the ZBD ecosystem and earning Bitcoin from that is perfectly legal everywhere around the world that ZBD is present. Choose your game and start earning now!

By ZBD   •   3 years ago

If you’re someone that wonders about the legality of earning Bitcoin through games, this article may be just the thing you’re looking for. We’ll shed some light on why and where Bitcoin gaming is perfectly ok and point out a couple of things you still need to pay attention to when collecting Bitcoin rewards.

This article is not legal advice and should not be considered as such.


  • Bitcoin gaming in the ZBD ecosystem is totally fine
  • ZBD and our games are supported in dozens of countries around the world
  • We make sure to follow all legal requirements so the money flowing through our games is clean
  • Bitcoin is money, so tax requirements apply – consult your local authorities

If there’s regulation, there’s no worries

Some time ago, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin were in a bit of a legal grey area. Nobody really knew how to broach the subject, and it has taken a while for the authorities to catch up with legislation. But they have, and for years, Bitcoin has been just as well accepted and regulated as any traditional currency, like USD or EUR. And regulation is good, because it means the companies have to follow high standards of security and accountability.

We at ZEBEDEE have always wanted to show that we’re a serious business and have sought to achieve a completely regulated status everywhere we are present around the world. So, you don’t have to rely only on our word when we’re handing out Bitcoin and giving you an app to keep it in – we’re trying to get the authorities to nod along too wherever possible.

Where is it completely fine to play games for Bitcoin?

But the world is a huge place and not everyone is as excited as us about the future that Bitcoin has in gaming and beyond. In some countries, transacting in Bitcoin could still get you in a bit of trouble. So we can’t really bring the awesomeness of Bitcoin gaming there (yet).

But there are plenty of countries around the world where the ZBD app is available and there should be no problem with you collecting some coins in a casual mobile game like SaruTobi (Android, iOS).

If you want to make sure you’re living in a country where ZBD is present, click here to open the full list of countries where our services are available. The list keeps growing!

ZEBEDEE is available all over the world
ZBD is available across all continents.

Treat Bitcoin as normal money, and you’re on the right track

You wouldn’t want to skip on paying the government taxes on your property, belongings or income. If you did, they’d at least give a bit of a telling-off (along with a fine or a sentence if you’ve been extra sneaky). The same goes for Bitcoin. If you’re earning a lot, the government may want to slap a tax on the income you’re making from that. Here, it is very much advisable that you consult your local authorities to find out what kinds of Bitcoin income you have to pay taxes for and how you can send it around.

In ZBD games, you are generally fine with the kinds of money being made here, since it’s mostly smaller amounts. But if you’re a pro gamer making a living wage by playing or making content, you may want to check that with your local authorities. And it’s also totally fine to send payments and tips to anyone in the ZBD ecosystem, either with the ZBD app directly, through the Browser Extension (Chrome, Firefox) or using a ZBD Bot on Discord and Telegram.

Long story short, playing Bitcoin games in the ZBD ecosystem and earning Bitcoin from that is perfectly legal everywhere around the world where ZBD is present. Get the ZBD app, choose your game and start earning now!

This post was updated in July 2023.

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